Thursday 6 April 2017

Ceramic Glazing Tape

UK Industrial Tapes offers Ceramic Glazing Tape for use when glazing a wide variety of insulating and non-insulating fire resistant glass types into internal screens and doors manufactured from timber or steel.

Our advanced production techniques ensure a highly uniform structure enhanced by low thermal conductivity, good handling strength and smooth surface. Our Ceramic Paper Products are manufactured from alkaline earth silcate (AES), with a low bio persistence wool, blended with specially selected organic binders to give flexible papers with exceptional characteristics.

Why use Ceramic Glazing Tape:

• High temperature stability – up to 1200 degrees C
• Good handling strength
• Lightweight
• Excellent flexibility
• Easy to wrap, cut and shape

Our Ceramic Glazing Tape has been tested by a number of window system producers, as an integral part of steel and timber glazed systems to BS476 and other equivalent national standards (DIN4102).

For further product information, please contact our specialist sales team.

T: 0191 2697810

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