Monday 21 September 2015

Secuity Glazing Tape

The Security Glazing Tape also known as 68130 is a high density PVC foam with a high performance solvent acrylic adhesive and is suited for bonding difficult and dissimilar surfaces.

This list includes metals, wood, UPVC and many plastics.
The foam construction provides excellent conformability and is therefore ideal for rough, uneven and structured surfaces. In addition to this the foam offers excellent sealing, dampening and vibration absorption capabilities ensuring that bonded joints remain permanently secure even in critical and exacting applications.

Available in Black or White,
Available in width as required and in thickness of 1mm - 6mm & 8mm.

Benefits of UK Industrial Tapes 68130 Security Glazing Tape:

• High performance PVC Foam
• High initial tack
• High shear, high peel, high adhesive mass
• Increased coat weight of adhesive giving excellent bond to all surfaces
• Instant adhesion, even at low temperatures
• Will not lift from the UPVC frame even at corner welds
• Adhesive will not delaminate from the foam

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Monday 14 September 2015

Crystal Clear Polypropylene Bags

UK Industrial Tapes manufacture a wide range of Crystal Clear Polypropylene Bags for the picture framing industry. We keep an approximate of one million bags in stock at all times in a range of sizes up to our largest print bags which are over 800mm x 600mm in size.

The majority of our bags are used to keep mounted prints clean when they are in the gallery. As they are crystal clear the potential customers can handle without worrying about leaving marks on the prints which is important as some of the products sold are priceless.

UK Industrial Tapes also offer a large range of smaller bags for the greeting card industry. 
The GCA, Greeting Card Association, Market Report shows in 2014 what a huge and successful industry this is with £1.29 billion spent on single cards in the last year, this is more than tea and coffee put together. More cards are bought in the UK than in any other country with an average of 31 per person. An astonishing 884 million single greeting cards were bought from retailers in 2013.

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