Thursday, 1 December 2016

Crystal Clear Polypropylene Bags

From protecting artwork, to storing food products and displaying greetings cards, Crystal Clear Polypropylene Bags are a must have packaging product.

UK Industrial Tapes holds a large stock of Cello Bags in an extensive range of sizes up from 50mm x 50mm jewellery bags to our largest print bags, which are over 800mm x 600mm in size. All our bags are also food safe.

40 Micron Self Seal Bags:
40 Microns thick, highly transparent and great for protection, our self seal cellophane bags are perfect for packaging hand made greeting cards.

40 Micron Self Seal Print Bags:
Our print bags are 40 Microns thick and are larger than other cellophane bags which makes them great for displaying larger items of jewellery, pictures, prints and greeting cards. These bags are self sealing.

30 Micron Self Seal Bags:
These 30 Microns thick cellophane bags are perfect for displaying and protecting your greeting cards. The bags are self seal-able and one of the most popular in our range.

40 Micron Gusset Bag & Standard Bottom:
Our 40 Micron Gusset Bags allow for extra depth and room for bigger goods or products. Ideal for large or odd shaped items.

30 Micron Non Self Seal Bags:
30 Microns thick, these cellophane bags are highly transparent which makes them ideal for displaying your greeting cards. You could even display pictures, prints and jewellery too. These bags have a lip available on the bag, however no sealing strip.

40 Micron Non Self Seal Print Bags:
Our non self seal cello bags are 40 Microns thick and highly transparent. Ideal for packaging and protecting those larger pieces of art.

40 Micron Self Seal Jewellery Bags with Euro hole:
From bags as small as 50mm x 50mm these jewellery bags seal at the top to keep your contents secure. Ideal for smaller products you wish to hang and display using the euro hole.

30 Micron Flush Top Greeting Card Bags:
With no lip and no seal, our 30 Micron thick bags have a flush top and are used to display greeting cards. The bags are crystal clear allowing the cards to be completely visible.

40 Micron Flush Top Greeting Card Bags:
Our crystal clear 40 Microns thick bags allow your greeting cards to be completely visible. These bags are used mainly in the card industry to package greeting cards and similar products.

40 Micron Self Seal Bags with Euro hole:
These self-seal euro hole polypropylene bags are 40 Microns thick and have been our most popular range at UK Industrial Tapes with the largest selection of sizes. Our bags are made from a high quality, thin and very transparent plastic. These cellophane jewellery bags have a sealing strip and a euro hole, making packaging and displaying your products easy.

40 Micron Polythene Grip Seal Bags:
Highly transparent and using a grip seal, our 40 Micron thick polythene grip seal bags are excellent for displaying and protecting your products. They are also reusable.

50 Micron Polythene Grip Seal Bags with Euro hole:
Mainly used in the card industry to package greeting cards, our transparent bags allow your product to be completely visible through the bag. 50 Microns allows for some extra weight in the bag and the grip seal is easy to use over and over again,

For further information or a product sample, please contact our dedicated sales team.

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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Clear Self Adhesive Discs

Single Sided Clear Adhesive Discs are available at UK Industrial Tapes and are ideal for securing and sealing a wide range of products.

2,000 discs per roll.
Available in 25mm diameter & 18mm diameter.
Available in permanent & removable adhesive.
Available perforated across the diameter.

These single sided Clear Adhesive Discs are ideal to seal and secure:

Gifts & Packaging
Greeting Card Bags
Promotional products
Point of Sale Display Products
CD Packaging

For more product information, please contact our dedicated sales team.

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Friday, 28 October 2016

Packaging Tapes

UK Industrial Tapes offers a range of Packaging Tapes which are easy to use, low noise and with a high tack strong adhesive system.

Within the Packaging Tapes we can offer printed tapes with various options, please contact our sales team on the details below for further information.

Our range includes:

Heavy Duty Clutch Hand Dispenser - this can be used with all of our 50mm Packaging Tapes and helps to dramatically reduce time. This particular hand held tape dispenser features a brake and clutch, allowing you to control the tension in the tape as it is applied.

Clear Packaging Tape - This is our low noise tape, Easy to use, with a high tack strong adhesive system.

Buff Packaging Tape - A high tack strong adhesive system, mainly used for sealing boxes and boards ready for shipping.

Fragile Packaging Tape - Silent Polypropylene Fragile Packaging Tape. A white background and red print. This high quality low noise tape is ideal for busy packaging departments.

Please contact our sales team for further information, quotes or samples.

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Georgian Bar Tapes

UK Industrial Tapes Ltd offer our FoamLINK and ProLINK range for this application and have supplied the UPVC, Timber & Aluminium Window Manufacturers for the Georgian Bar application with our High Performance Tapes for over 20 years.

Our FoamLINK and ProLINK Tapes provide an excellent weather & temperature resistance, will perform against high demands of expansion and contraction, provide a tremendous Peel and Shear strength which is a critical factor to ensure the bars stay in situ and offer a high initial tack with an extremely strong bond.

Our Georgian Bar Tape Range;

  • FoamLINK Range is a “1mm, 1.6mm & 3mm thick” double sided closed cell PE foam with a High Tack Modified acrylic adhesive available in Black or White, can be slit at any width you require for your bar.
  • ProLINK Range is a “1mm, 1.5mm & 2mm thick” double sided Clear High Performance Pure Acrylic, can be slit at any width you require for your bar.

Take a look at our Application Guide, for tips we offer to gain the very best results when using our FoamLINK & ProLINK Tapes on all Georgian Bar Systems.

For further information please contact our Technical Team on;
T: 0191 269 7810

Thursday, 11 August 2016

NEC Approved Carpet Tape

NEC Approved Removable Double Sided Exhibition Carpet Tape

The ideal double sided adhesive NEC Tape for securing fitting carpets, carpet tiles and floor coverings at exhibition venues.

This tape is specifically designed for temporary carpet installations direct to exhibition hall floors.

Visit our website to see the size range available or contact our sales team on 0191 2697810 or

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Premium Grade Masking Tape

Here at UK Industrial Tapes we offer a high grade or premium grade within our Masking Tape range.

Cream in colour with a 59gsm paper carrier the 9494 Masking Tape is thicker than the industry standard but is still very flexible making it easy to mold into position for a neat finish. The 9494 Masking Tape must be applied at room temperature for best results. Please note we do not recommend using this on high value or irreplaceable artwork and prints.

This general purpose masking tape has good adhesive even on irregular surfaces and is resistant to most common paints. Hand tear able and conformable to most shapes.

Our 9494 Masking Tape is available in sizes 25mm - 75mm on a 50m roll.

For more information, samples or a data sheet please contact 0191 2697810 or

Monday, 20 June 2016

Want to know more on our ProLINK Range?

Our ProLINK Range is a ultra-high performance pure acrylic tape that offers the ultimate in PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) performance. The ProLINK was specially designed for the most difficult and critical applications, where total quality assurance is required.

Used primarily in the Glass, Glazing & Construction, Sign & Display & POS markets for extremely hard to adhere to surfaces such as UPVC, Polypropylene, Styrene, Powder Coated Aluminium, Perspex & Acrylics, Painted & Varnished surfaces etc. The range is available in thickness of “0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm & 2mm” and offered in any width from 6mm up to 1000mm.

The main FAB (Features, Advantages & Benefits) of the ProLINK Range;
  • Provides a fantastic initial tack
  • Temperature resistant 40°C to + 150°C (long term) 260°C+ (short term)
  • Highly transparent and will defiantly not yellow over time 
  • Virtually impervious to UV
  • Offers excellent clarity and superb die cutting and converting opportunities, due to its highly cohesive nature
  • Superb resistance to environmental factors, including UV, ageing etc.
  • Easy to remover Blue HDPE 140gsm Filmic Liner
  • Ultra high sheer, high cohesive mass which in critical in most applications
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