Thursday 9 February 2017

Expanding Foam Tape - 8000 Range

The Expanding Foam Tape 8000 range at UK Industrial Tapes is ideal for joint sealing and gap filling in a range of applications within the glass, glazing and construction market.

Our Expanding Foam Tape will provide a seal against the most demanding environmental conditions from Air / Dust to Water / Driving Rain at 600 Pa.

The 8000 Range is a pre-compressed sealant made of impregnated permanently elastic fine-cell soft polyurethane foam. Manufactured to ISO 9001 and is approved to DIN 18542 and DIN 4102.

Gap sizes we offer:

  • 1.5-3mm
  • 3-6mm
  • 5-9mm
  • 6-12mm
  • 8-16mm
  • 10-20mm
  • 16-32mm
  • 27-54mm

To find out more about our Expanding Foam Tape 8000 range, please contact our specialist sales team:

T: 0191 2697810

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