Thursday 3 July 2014

Picture Frame Sealing Tape

UK Industrial Tapes are one of the leading manufacturers of tapes within the UK. We supply a strong range of Picture Framing Tapes from low to heavy duty framing application tapes to sealing packages.

Our Eco 15 and Eco 25 tapes are ideal for all framers as they are self-adhesive, easy to apply, will stick to the plastic frames and offer a better finish on normal frames as well as on the back of mirrors.

Frame Sealing Tape

Our most popular framing tape is our own brand, the Eco 15. It is made with 60gsm paper (or grams per square meter.) The Eco 15 has a very aggressive, long lasting adhesive system that will not dry out over time.

The 60gsm paper is very pliable and is therefore easily shaped to the back of a picture. It can be overlapped in the corners due to the tape's design to stick to itself.

This is the most cost effective self-adhesive frame sealing tape currently available on the market and can be ordered online here or over the phone (0191 269 7810) in any quantity, with the option of a next day delivery. Available in a range of sizes and quantities.

Premium Frame Sealing Tape

Our reference Eco 25 offers a high quality self-adhesive Kraft Tape and is made with 70gsm paper and a very aggressive, non-ageing adhesive system. The 70gsm paper is very flexible and it molds to the back of pictures extremely well. This produces a neat, quick, efficient and very professional finish.

The Eco 25 has been manufactured by UK Industrial Tapes for over 10 years.
This tape can offer a cost effective premium frame sealing tape in comparison to the Tesa 4341. The Eco 25 is available to order online in 4 different widths.

For any question or to arrange samples of the Eco 15 and Eco 25 please contact our sales team on 0191 269 7810 or email Alternatively you can view our products via our website here.

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