Tuesday 27 May 2014

PH7- 70 Tape

UK Industrial Tapes are the largest supplier of picture framing tapes within the UK.

We offer the largest range of frame sealing tapes, from Sekisui, Tesa, and Supertape  to our own branded Eco 15 and Eco 25. These are ideal for all framers as they are self-adhesive, easy to apply, will stick to the plastic frames and offer a better finish.

We also still have high demand for Gum Strip as some framers prefer to offer a high level of conservation framing.

To reach a level of conservation framing, all materials either in direct contact with artwork or within the sealed frame itself, are acid-free. Acid-free barrier paper is used to separate your artwork from the backing board  alongside acid-free hinging and finishing tape.

Conservation framing techniques are also utilised when mounting and framing textiles and fabrics. Framers take great care to attach fabric securely to an acid-free foam core, enabling the artwork to be well supported.When applicable, the mounted artwork is then spaced away from the glazing to allow air to circulate freely.

At UK Industrial Tapes we manufacture the PH770 Hinging Tape range of acid-free adhesive tapes.

The single sided hinging tape comes in three main widths, 25mm, 38mm and 50mm.
This will provide adequate support for heavier artwork.

We also offer a double sided PH770 ATG Tapes at 12mm and 19mm wide. This allows framers to attach large photographs to acid free mount board and never have to worry about the adhesive drying out, going yellow or attacking the photo itself.

Are you a framer? Are you currently offering conservation framing? Are you using our PH770 range?

If not please contact the sales team for samples and pricing, or any other questions you might have on 0191 269 7810 or email sales@ukindustrialtapes.co.uk.
Further contact details can be found on our website by clicking here.

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